“Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes,” sings Taylor Swift. So, please, don’t you ever fire guns indiscriminately.

The laws of physics tell us that if you fire a gun into the air, the bullet could travel up to two miles up, and then it would start falling back down to earth. That’s when the real trouble starts.

The wind can blow a bullet hundreds of feet from where you shot it depending on how strong it is. That could be convenient for you but terrible for anyone nearby. At the top of its arc, the bullet is going zero mph.

As it begins to fall, gravity will speed it back up again. Air resistance will slow the bullet down a bit but it can still exceed 400 mph as it falls to earth. That bullet could definitely injure or even kill someone.

Bullets travelling even 100 mph can puncture the skin. Dozens of people over the years have died from stray bullets that were shot into the air. The bullets hit most of them in the head.

That’s why many states and cities have laws against celebratory gunfire. Basically, shooting a gun straight into the air is a terrible idea. Watch this video from the Science Insider if you still need a little more convincing.



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