Tired of untangling cable wires just to connect with your charger? Think that powerbanks are too bulky to fit your pocket? Worry no more. Introducing “FingerPow.”

This device simplifies the phone charging process. It’s an extremely convenient portable powerbank that only takes one quick snap to charge your phone. It keeps the battery level high wherever you are that wires become a thing of the past.

The magnetic adapter even suits any kind of smartphone. In 30 minutes, this tiny pack can boost an iPhone 8’s battery by 25%. The charging station is a portable battery itself so you will never fear low battery again.

“FingerPow” makes charging accessible and convenient. Shout out to VT for letting us know about this game changer of a smartphone charger.

This device simplifies the entire phone charging process!

This phone charging device is a game changer 😲📱

Posted by VT on Thursday, 14 December 2017


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