When there is love, time and money become just numbers, as shown in this story.

He was born in a working class family whose father was a Taxi driver.

He used to get bullied because of his shorter height at school.

He started playing football when he was young. But he realized that he was getting more into fights than scoring goals. So he started kick boxing to take out his stress.

In his teens, he worked as a plumber and trained at night.

One day, he got into a fight with his father and told him that he wanted to get into MMA and leave plumbing forever.

He was frustrated, broke and alone and that’s when he met a girl named ‘Dee Devlin’ who supported him in every possible way.

She used to cook, clean and pack his gym bag just so he could focus on his fights.

On the days when life hit too hard, he would be a wounded warrior. And his only relief from the pain would be her girlfriends words: “It’s okay. You can do it!”

Even after getting into MMA, he barely survived for 5 years earning £1300 a year.

But that didn’t stop him. And through his consistent hard work, he defeated even the greatest fighters of today.

Today Conor Mcgregor is one of the greatest fighters of this time.

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