Do Mosquitoes Like You More Than Others?


Sometimes, in a group of people, only a few get stung by mosquitoes, and most do not.

Mosquitoes don’t sting everyone equally.

Some people seem to attract them more than others.


Here are some theories:

1 Blood Type
Mosquitoes sting us in order to extract proteins from our blood. The protein content of type O blood would attract them more than type A.

2 Carbon Dioxide
Mosquitoes choose their prey based on the amount of carbon dioxide we release when breathing.

3 Bacteria on Skin
The more bacteria we have on our skin, the more appetizing we look.

4 Exercise/Metabolism
When we sweat, we release lactic acid, uric acid and ammonia: all of which are attractive substances.

5 Body Odor
A group of British scientists have just performed a new study defending that body odor is the key to this mysterious attractions.

We still don’t have a definite answer, but it looks like the reason is hiding inside our bodies.

What is your theory?

Watch and learn from this interesting video from PlayGround.


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