Size does matter, especially in this day and age when everything and everywhere is getting tighter and tighter.

This one-wheeled motorcycle could be a new form of transportation.

RYNO is a self-balancing vehicle that rides like a motorcycle.

It can reach speeds of up to 16 kilometers per hour.

It stays upright on a 25-inch wheel.

How does it stay upright and how do you park it?

RYNO uses a similar technology as hoverboards.

Gyroscopes and accelerometers measure the vehicle’s lean.

To park, riders tip it forward to rest on the front bumper.

It moves forwards and backwards to stay balanced.

RYNO weighs 160 lbs but it can carry up to 260 lbs.

After years of patent issues, RYNO may go into production soon.

Hopefully, this will be sooner rather than later.

Watch this very interesting video from Tech Insider.



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