Do you know the things that you should not do after eating? Here are some of them.

1 Heavy exercise or moving too much.
A heavy exercise specifically at night is not a healthy thing to do because it significantly raises the temperature of your body and hinders proper digestion.

2 Brushing your teeth
Normally, people would say that it is important to brush your teeth after eating. This can neutralize the ph of the mouth and get rid of plague. When you are done eating, it is recommended to wait about 30 minutes before brushing your teeth.

3 Drinking tea or coffee
Tea and coffee are known for their health benefits. They reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and provide antioxidants to the body. However, drinking them right after a meal should not be done. This is because both tea and coffee are packed with substances that can affect proper absorption of certain vitamins and minerals.

4 Smoking
As always, smoking is not good for your health specifically right after eating a meal. According to study, smoking a stick of cigarette after a meal is equivalent to 10 cigarettes.

5 Taking a walk
Walking is good for you, however, you should consider a perfect time for doing it. This may cause stomach upsets and indigestion. If you really want to take a walk after eating, wait about an hour before doing so.

6 Drinking cold water
Water is essential for proper digestion. However, you should not drink cold water after a meal. This is because it can lead to clumping of food, which results in poor digestion process.

7 Eating fruits
Fruits are known for their health benefits. However, people need to know that various foods digest at different speeds. If you eat them right after your meal, chances are, your digestive system won’t be able to process them properly. This may lead to bloating.

8 Taking a shower or bath
Keep in mind that when you eat, your stomach needs a good amount of blood for proper digestion. When you take a shower or bath after a meal, this may interfere with the digestion process. Experts say that it is best to wait for 30 minutes before you rush to the shower after a meal.

9 Wearing tight fitting clothes
When eating a meal, you should allow your stomach to properly digest the food you have eaten. As much as possible, wear loose and comfortable clothes when eating something. In addition, wearing light and loose clothes can help you sleep better. It decreases your body temperature helping you sleep comfortably.

10 Sleeping
No matter how sleepy you are, it is never healthy to sleep right after a meal. If you lie down or take a nap after eating, chances are, the digestive juices in your stomach will travel in an opposite direction. Try to do other activities that can prevent you from sleeping or taking a nap.

Did you previously know all of these? Maybe. Maybe not. But now you know.

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Posted by Demic on Sunday, 27 August 2017


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