Do you love the thrill of riding roller coasters?

Travel Insider has compiled the world’s best rides for you.

Take your pick. One of them is in the Philippines!


1 Fuji-Q Highland Park, Japan

The Takabisha is the steepest roller coaster in the world. This roller coaster drops at an epic 121-degree angle.


2 Washuzan Highland Amusement Park, Okayama, Japan

You’ll find a pedal-powered coaster there. You’ll have the thrill of your life because it is four-storey high with no guardrails.


3 Shanghai Disney Resort, China

Try the Tron Lightcycle power run. It’s riding a roller coaster while riding a motorbike. It can go as fast as 60 mph.


4 Cedar Point, Ohio, USA

They call it the Wicked Twister. The roller coaster twists between two towers at 450 degrees.


5 Cebu, Philippines

The Edge Coaster is located on the 38thfloor of a hotel. A lever lifts the rider by tilting up to 55 degrees.


6 Efteling Park, The Netherlands

The Baron 1898 plunges riders into a mine shaft at a speed of 55 mph.


7 Cosmoworld, Japan

The Diving Coaster makes you vanish to an underground tunnel in a pool.


So which is first in your list?

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