Do you know why your dog is doing what it is doing?

Here you will learn what, then why.

Find out the top eight things that your dog does, and know the reason.


Sniffing butts

This allows a dog to get the full bio of another dog including what it’s eaten, where it’s been or if it’s sick.

Tail wagging

Like humans do with their face, dogs use their tails to express feelings like happiness, excitement, or fear.

Staring at you while pooping

Defecation is a vulnerable situation for a dog, so it sees you as a lookout guard in case any predators come.

Going nuts after a bath

After a bath, a dog’s natural scent is removed, so he’ll roll around to get dirty and regain it.

Licking your face

Licking is used as a sign of affection but your dog probably just likes the taste of your salty skin.

Walking in a circle before lying down

This is an old trait from the wild in which a dog would want a 360 degree view of its surroundings before resting.


Dating back to pre-domesticated days, howling is a means for dogs to let their presence be known.


Without the natural ability to sweat, dogs pant to increase airflow to their body’s internal organs and reduce body heat.

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Why does your dog stare at you when he poops? And other weird …

Why does your dog stare at you when he poops?

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