This is great news for the environment and the earth.

China is installing one wind turbine and enough solar panels to cover a football pitch every hour of every day.

It recently created a giant panda solar panel farm in Northern China.

China also built the world’s largest floating solar installation in Southern China.

It likewise doubled its solar capacity last year.

China is outstripping its solar and wind power targets.

It has already exceeded the government’s own targets for solar capacity for 2020.

Setting itself a new target of 213 gigawatts of solar power by 2020.

That is five times larger than the current capacity of the US.

It now produces two-thirds of the world’s solar panels.

But despite the rapid growth, renewables still only provide 20% of China’s energy.

In any case, can your country catch up?

Watch the overdrive in this very educational and inspiring video from the World Economic Forum.




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