Who is she? This is her story. These are her words.

“You might not know me. But you’ll be surprised to know what I have accomplished.”

“I was a sports enthusiast ever since childhood and played volleyball at a national level.”

“One day, while I was traveling by train I was attacked by a group of robbers. They tried to snatch my gold chain and my handbag. And those ruthless beings pushed me out of the train.”

“I was hit by a train on the parallel track that crushed my legs. I was laying wrecked and bleeding on the track. I kept screaming in pain until I passed out. And by the time I reached hospital the doctors were left with no option but to remove my leg.”

“But the worst was yet to come. While I was fighting for my life, stories began circulating that I was mentally ill and jumped off the train to commit suicide. I felt helpless to defend myself, as no one was willing to listen to me and that’s when I decided to answer all the fake stories by doing something extraordinary.”

“I set for myself the most impossible dream I could. I decided to climb Mount Everest. This was the only way I could reclaim my voice.”

“I had 3 years of rigorous training and even had near death experiences. But still, I held on. And after 52 days of deadly trekking, I finally made it to the top.”

“Now that I had survived the worst, it was time to tell my tale.”

“Today, I am the first female amputee to climb Mount Everest.”


Watch the story of Arunima Sinha in this very inspiring video from Born Realist.


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