Check out the airline industry secrets that will help you fly like a pro.

Here they are.


1 The best time to book your ticket: 2:30 p.m. ET on a Tuesday!

Travel companies say most tickets are bought on the weekend. It takes a day or so to process those tickets, then the airline puts the leftover inventory on sale. Now you know when to book.


2 Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Airplane cabin air is less than 20% humidity. That’s even drier than the Sahara, which is 25% humidity. You’ll become dehydrated much faster in a dry environment. So flight attendants drink a lot of bottled water during their flight. You should, too.


3 Fly at odd hours to avoid sitting next to a baby!

Experts say most new parents won’t fly at odd hours. So book a late-night flight, or a very early-morning flight. Also, try not to sit near the bulkheads. Baby bassinets can be secured on the partitions. Now you know how to sleep soundly while up in the air.


4 Bring cash if you’re eyeing a better seat!

You might be able to pay the person sitting there to switch. Yes, many people sell their seats, and take advantage of the extra money.


5 Sit at the back of the plane to get better service!

If you sit closer to the flight attendant’s area, attendants say they’ll be quicker to respond. It’ll also be easier for them to slip you extra drinks. But only if you’re polite! So be polite.


6 Check in early to avoid being bumped from your flight!

Some airlines bump those who checked in last, or they’ll bump whoever has the cheapest ticket. Indeed, the early bird gets catches.


Take note of these tips. Enjoy your trip!

Learn more secrets about flying like a pro in this very educational video from Tech Insider.


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