This guy now owns Starbucks.

Before, his idea was rejected by Starbucks, back when Starbucks only sold coffee beans.

Today, he owns Starbucks.

But, how did he achieve this?

He used to work at Starbucks and proposed that instead of just selling beans, Starbucks should sell coffee drinks.

The higher-ups kept rejecting his idea despite multiple tries.

But he felt that his idea had potential!

So, he made a life-changing decision.

A while later, he quit his job and went on to create his own company that would sell drinks instead of coffee beans.

Eventually, his idea became so popular that his company became even bigger than Starbucks.

After 2 years, he returned to Starbucks!

But, this time, as the owner of the brand.

Watch the story about how Howard Shultz left the company he worked for, then returned to own it, in this very inspiring video from Born Realist.

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Posted by Born Realist on Saturday, 4 November 2017


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