Next time you complain about not being able to achieve something in life, remember this girl.

She is from Afghanistan. She was born partially paralyzed, and due to her condition, she is unable to use her hands and feet. As a child, she saw her brothers and sisters going to school, which greatly depressed her.

She couldn’t even move while her siblings were doing so much more. She wanted to be able to write her name like her siblings. She got so depressed that she would spend the entire day crying.

Finally, she decided to take control of her life. Because she would never be able to use her hands, she taught herself to hold a pencil with her mouth.

“When I started drawing, I was hopeless. And when my sisters and brothers were going to school, I was so depressed. I was crying two or three times a day. At the beginning I was thinking it is impossible to write with my mouth, but now I know it is possible and I can also paint,” she recalled.

She learnt to create detailed sketches with her mouth, using her lips and tongue to control the pencil. She remembers stealing a notebook and two pens from her sister so that she could later use it to draw.

The 16-year-old girl hopes her art will provide a different picture of Afghanistan, which has struggled with decades of conflict and war. She dreams of holding her art exhibition at Aga Khan Museum in Canada.

She even drew life-like sketches of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Afghan-born Canadian politician Maryam Monsef. She has been redefining the term ‘differently abled’ every day.

Her name is Robaba Mohammadi.

Hers is a story of hope that teaches us how everything is possible only if you try a little harder. Watch this video from Millionaire’s Saying to take a look at some of the beautiful creations from this inspiring teen.

The Inspiring Story Of Rubaba Mohammadi.

" If they listen to my story, it's a story of hope " – Rubaba Mohammadi

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