What lies behind this puzzle?

Surely sometime you tried to complete all sides of the cube only to end up frustrated.

Erno Rubik, a Hungarian sculptor and architect, created this instrument in1974 to help his students understand spatial relations.

Although it took him more than a month to solve his own puzzle, he soon saw its commercial potential.

The opinion of the trade (the toy industry) was: ‘It’s not possible to sell because it’s too difficult”.

Naturally, it is difficult. But the difficulty doesn’t mean it’s a danger. Difficulty is something we can beat and win.

He tried to produce it in numerous occasions but failed.

Eventually, a small toy company produced 1 million units. From that day on, not only have more than 350 million cubes been sold, but world tournaments have been held yearly since 1982.

You might not have solved the Rubik’s Cube but at least now you know the story behind the best-selling toy in the world.

Check this story out in this very interesting video from Playground.

This is the story behind the best selling toy in the world.

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