The Viral Photos of Last Year

April 6, 2017 Felicity Cortez 0

How does a photo become viral? Nobody knows for sure. They just happen, sometimes by choice, oftentimes by chance. Some of them are either heartwarming or heartbreaking. Most of them are funny, amusing, hilarious, ridiculous, [Read more]


Fund a Dog, Save a Life

April 2, 2017 Angela Manalastas 0

An earthquake rumbles and buildings collapse, a mudslide thunders down a mountain onto a village, a typhoon wreaks destruction as it roars across the islands reducing buildings to rubble. Almost before the dust settles, Philippines [Read more]


A Dog’s Life Is a Life

March 30, 2017 Angela Manalastas 0

  To be sure, we are familiar with these brands: Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, among others. Without a doubt, we have seen or read one or more of the following publications: Vanity Fair, [Read more]


On the Scene: Make a Change PH

March 23, 2017 Gwyneth Paredes 0

Humble Beginnings Everything starts with an idea. For Angel Rhayne of Make a Change Philippines (Make a Change PH), it was creating an impact one small step at a time. Grounded on the simple desire to reach out to [Read more]