October 12, 2017 JJ Atencio 0

  Back in the seventies, “UP FIGHT!” meant enduring teargas and truncheon at rallies, fighting against a dictatorship. Today, or at least for the next few weeks, “UP FIGHT!” is about the basketball team’s quest [Read more]


Who Is Dee Devlin?

October 2, 2017 Jinggay Superable 0

  When there is love, time and money become just numbers, as shown in this story. He was born in a working class family whose father was a Taxi driver. He used to get bullied [Read more]


The Way of the Dragon

August 30, 2017 Boom Esplanada 0

  Carlos Ray Norris was born in May 1940 to a poor family in rural Oklahoma. His father, a Cherokee Indian, is a mechanic and an alcoholic. He grew up shy, unathletic. His classmates taunted [Read more]