If you cannot avoid using plastic, would you still throw them away recklessly?

Check these five facts about plastic that you may not know about.

1 Every piece of plastic ever produced still exists in some form. So there may be a forever, after all?

2 Up to 12 million tons of plastic enter our oceans each year. To be sure, this is merely a calculated guess, so could there be much more?

3 A whirlpool in the North Pacific ocean, thick with bits of plastic, fills an area larger than France. Now plastic could have a country of its own?

4 About 322 million metric tons of plastic were produced in 2015. How much of these were dumped into the sea?

5 More than 100,000 animals die each year from eating or becoming entangled in plastic. Who would not be enraged?

It is high time to end the age of throwaway plastic.

Watch the reasons why we should all dispose of plastic properly, or recycle them as much as possible, in this video from Greenpeace.

5 facts about plastics

How much plastic did the world produce in 2015? Let’s end the age of single-use plastic >> bit.ly/plasticph-fb

Posted by Greenpeace Philippines on Saturday, 14 October 2017


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