Don’t know what to do with your empty milk boxes?

This woman and her friends from Ecuador have a genius idea. Her name is Anna and she and her friends just built a house out of empty cartons of milk.

“This is our little baby and it’s amazing!” they proclaim.

Everyone gets rid of trash, but Anna along with her friends collect it to save the world! They take your empty milk box, compress it, clean it, heat it, shred it, and turn it into usable stuff.

They can make a chair, real furniture, handbags, placemats, roof tiling and even a real functioning house!

“To build this house, we saved 1.2 million milk boxes,” Anna says. And the material looks just as good as the real thing for a cheaper price!

Trash pollution is a big problem around the world and not many people know what to do with it. But these guys from Ecuador are saving 11 million milk boxes every month to build a cleaner, safer environment for themselves and for others.

Watch this video from Nas Daily to see how Anna and her friends are doing it.


These guys have removed 2,200 tons of trash from around the world and made it into a sustainable, usable product. Now that's the future! Kudos!Thank you to my friends at ECUAPLASTIC S.C. for letting me do this. P.S. This video is not sponsored! They showed up at my meetup and I loved what they do!P.P.S This video is 5 hours late to upload because Facebook system was down! 😞 Facebook….

Posted by Nas Daily on Friday, 3 November 2017



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