Annually, the University of the Philippines (UP) caps the year off by hosting the colorful and festive Lantern Parade.

Lively lanterns made by participating colleges will once again clad the academic oval this coming December 15.

However, as with every big event in the university, the deplorable amount of trash left afterwards has been a huge problem.

While there are ways to clean up afterwards, the malady of having unnecessary garbage does not end.

Unfortunately, this has been accepted as normal as funding for campus cleanliness has always been inadequate, even for the national university.

Thus, a more sustainable and a more innovative solution is needed.

This year, a group called the Clean Green Beautiful UP (CGB UP) is posting the #LanternParadeChallenge, that is, a dare to the attendees of this year’s parade to keep UP trash-free.

To achieve this, volunteers will be tapped to act as “environmental police.” They shall function as deterrence agents by giving trash bags to individuals and vendors and direct them where these may be disposed afterwards. They shall also act as clean up agents should litter still be found during and after the event.

CGB UP is a movement composed of students, professors, administrators, and other members of the UP community which aspires to be a university-wide alliance of individuals and organizations championing the campaign for a world-class university with a world-class environment.

Convinced that something can be done, this group aims to change the current mindset towards the shabby state of the maintenance of the university premises.

It is their call to the UP community as well as to the visitors of the Lantern Parade to be mindful of their manners and respect the environment.

This #LanternParadeChallenge is made in partnership with the University Student Council of UP Diliman, the General Assembly of Environmental Advocates, and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs of the same campus together with the local student councils and student organizations in the university.



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