Are you a self-confessed perfectionist? These products may serve you well.


1 Storage Bed

Declutter your sleeping area with this storage bed by Parisot. You can put almost everything in it – books, clothes, shoes and whatnot.


2 Pop-Out Outlets

This pop-out outlet by Legrand can easily be put away when not in use. It’s a great way to avoid electrocutions.


3 Touchless Vacuum

EyeVac Home touchless vacuum eliminates the need for a dirty dustpan.


4 Zip ‘n Store

Organize the leftovers in your pantry and your fridge with these space-saving storage from Ziploc bags.


5 Pull-out Cabinet

This product from Glideware hangs things that are stacking up your house. This is perfect for your bags, pots, pans, and other stuff.


6 Hidden Access Doors

You can hide unsightly pipes and fittings in your bathroom or other parts of your house.


7 Foldable Chairs and Tables

Snap Jack’s table and chairs can easily be folded and attached to your walls, leaving you with more space to move around.


8 Stuff ‘n Sit

Store all your stuffed animals and turn them into a comfortable bean bag chair.


9 Beard Bib

It’s the bib for every man-child. Keep your bathroom sink free of loose hairs with this product.


Did these things make you want to redecorate? HOME INSIDER shows you how they work. Happy organizing!



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