This is a definitely must-visit place for every certified bibliophile out there.

The Starfield Library in Seoul, South Korea is making a case for itself as one of the best libraries in the world, akin to those featured in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ or ‘Harry Potter’ films.

Over 50,000 free books are available to anyone who wants to spend their evening, day, or lives, reading in this beautiful place. It has about 2,800 meters dedicated to reading spaces located in the heart of the COEX Mall.

Starfield Library has already attracted quite a good number of following among locals and tourists since it was opened to the public. Apart from its comfortable ambiance, the library also offers a variety of cultural events every month.

Some are realizing that when people are well-read and happy they also buy the books and keep coming back. No wonder this library has been trending. Take a look into this amazing place for books courtesy of this video from PlayGround+.

The library of your dreams is in South Korea.

Posted by PlayGround + on Saturday, 17 June 2017



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