All nations should follow Sweden’s recycling program. It’s so effective this country is literally running out of garbage.

Project Earth presents Sweden’s Waste to Energy Program. It is an eco-friendly form of electricity production that generates energy from burning waste.

Here’s how it works. They load factory furnaces with garbage and burn it to generate steam. This steam is used to spin generator turbines and produce electricity. The electricity is then transferred to the nation’s power grid.

Sweden wanted to be sure that these plants are producing little to no waste. All factory exhaust is cleaned by dry filters to be sure it’s 99.9% non-toxic. Any remaining toxic material is safely moved and used to refill abandoned mines.

In 2015, Sweden got so good at repurposing waste that they ran out of it. So they began importing garbage from the UK, Italy and Ireland. They even burned 15 tons of unused H&M clothing!

With the current garbage problem of the Philippines, Sweden’s Waste to Energy Program is the solution!


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