Fate, indeed, is what we take (active), not what we get (passive), as shown in this story of yet another dropout who made it huge in the world.

This guy used to wash dishes at a restaurant.

Today, he’s the CEO of one of the largest technology companies.

He is the founder of Dell Technologies with a net worth of $23.4 Billion.

Just like many other tech billionaires, he too is a college dropout.

He started “Dell” by selling computers from his college dorm room.

And grew it into a company that’s worth billions today!

Despite being interested in computers, his parents wanted him to become a doctor.

But he eventually decided to drop out of college.

This made his parents furious, but he still believed in his dream and kept moving forward.

And just in the first year of business, he had $6 Million in sales.

During his 33-year journey, he has faced many challenges in his life.

But despite them, he managed to work his way around.

Watch how Michael Dell turn his life around in this very inspiring video from Born Realist.

Amazing Story of DELL

“Regrets are born of paths never taken.” – Michael DellIf you want your product/service featured, then inbox us

Posted by Born Realist on Monday, 20 November 2017



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