What if you only have one dress to wear all your life?

The women of Sardinia live like that as part of their custom. Filmmaker Andrea Pecora followed one of them to discover the meaning behind this tradition in this clip by NationalGeographic Travel.

Every woman used to wear this dress. And every woman had one. I never had another dress. It followed me in good and bad times. Every day in my work. Red, like embers when I got married. Black, like coal after I became a widow.

So it will be as long as I live. But even after, you will be able to read thousands of tales through these clothes. Imagine making one dress you’ll wear every day for life.

Imagine Making One Dress You’ll Wear Every Day for Life

Imagine if you were to make just one dress that you'd wear for the rest of your days—that's life for these women in Sardinia. http://on.natgeo.com/2BIuv4l

Posted by National Geographic Travel on Wednesday, 31 January 2018


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