She was a refugee from Syria who moved to the United Kingdom.

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency tells the story of Razan Alsous who pioneered a cheese business in Yorkshire and found a new home there.

Alsous arrived in the UK in 2013.

She was shopping for cheese in the supermarket when she thought of this bright idea.

“It was the beginning of October and I was looking for cheese in the supermarket and I didn’t find it,” Alsous tells UNCHR.  “We are in Yorkshire where the milk is wonderful. And I really recognize the distinct taste of the milk in Yorkshire so I thought, why not make it?”

 In 2014, she started the Yorkshire Dama Cheese Company.

Her employees are locals and refugees like her.

“When we came here it was a matter of thriving,” Alsous recalls. “We need to live but we need to be productive as well. We need to prove ourselves.”

In a span of five years, her company was able to make a name for itself.

The cheese they produce is now distributed in Yorkshire, Scotland and Cornwall.

That’s not all – it has won 17 food awards!


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