Will you walk in a pair of shoes made of human bones?

If the answer is yes, then Kermit Tesoro is the designer for you.

“I make art for my own pleasure,” Tesoro tells History. “It’s not about compromising a social structure or complying to a certain rule. I just make it for my own pleasure.”

His designs caught the attention of the Haus of Gaga, the personal creative team of Lady Gaga. He was part of the team that collaborated for Lady Gaga’s outfit for the single Marry the Night. It took them 5 to 6 months to finish the collection.

Tesoro takes inspiration from Botany, Science, and Psychology to design shoes that defy convention.

His shoes have been exhibited all over the world. They’ve set foot in countries like France, The UK, Germany, The USA, Portugal, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Austria.

One of his creations, the Felmaxillary shoes, is made of discarded human bones found in cemeteries. Using these materials make the shoes light and durable. The pair is an homage to Tesoro’s dead pet cats.

The Polypodis was inspired by Cephalopods a specific family of the octopus which he made using corals, seashells, industrial resin, and high-grade plastic. Using ocean plastic is his way of saving Mother Earth. It’s currently at the cube design museum in the Netherlands.

Oil spiller was inspired by a deadly form of pollution that damages marine environment. Leather, acrylic, and rubber silicone were the materials used to simulate the movement of dripping oil.

Want to fit his avant-garde shoes?

Gaga-worthy Footwear | OMG PH

These shoes aren't made just for walking, they make a GAGA-worthy statement #OMGPH

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