Do you have plans of visiting Europe this year?

Lonely Planet helps you decide which places to explore in the continent.

Here are 10 best destinations in Europe for that one-of-a-kind unforgettable trip.

10. Istria, Croatia

Thanks to the expanding European flight connection, Istria is now easier to explore.

There are three spots here you shouldn’t miss – Pula’s imposing Roman Amphitheatre, Rovinj’s beautiful old town and Porec’s UNESCO-listed basilica.

9. Vevey, Switzerland

It’s a place to find good wine because of the vast vineyards.

You can stroll there while taking a glimpse of Lake Geneva.

But it’s also a destination to find excellent restaurants.

You’ll find them crammed in the tiny old town.

8. Liechtenstein

Would you want to walk around an entire country on a weekend?

This is exactly what Liechtenstein offers to celebrate 300 years as a sovereign nation.

It has created a country-wide hiking trail tying together the tiny nation’s top sights.

7. Lyon, France

Lyon hosted the finals of the FIFA Women’s World Cup this July.

It wants to become the darling of international visitors so Lyon paired this big-ticket event with the city’s efforts to make tourism sustainable.

6. Shetland, Scotland

Many travelers don’t pick a trip to this remote island.

It’s a wind-beaten archipelago only adventure-seekers prefer.

If you are one, the island promises to reward your endeavor with awesome coastal trails and wicked wildlife watching.

5. Bari, Italy

This port city on the Adriatic Sea has a charm of its own.

Family restaurants are now running what used to be boarded-up shop fronts.

Cultural spaces are reopening including the art nouveau Teatro Margherita.

The place also has 19th century architecture and pedestrianized shopping areas.

4. Hercegovina, Bosnia and Hercegovina

Visitors go here for the magnificent Stari Most bridge in Mostar.

But that is not the only reason to visit this region.

Lonely Planet suggests you try pottering around the streets of medieval Pocitelj.

Hiking to the traditional mountain village Lukomir is also an option.

3. The Arctic Coast Way, Iceland

If you want to see the best of Iceland without the crowds, try the newly founded Arctic Coast Way.

It runs 800 km along the lesser-visited north coast, from Hvammstangi to Bakkafjordur.

You’ll find thunderous waterfalls, colossal glaciers, steaming fumaroles – and endless opportunities for snow sports, wildlife watching and wilderness adventures.

2. Madrid, Spain

Changes in Madrid have been noticeable.

Visitors can better enjoy the city after emphasis has been given on sustainable living.

There are now wide-scale pedestrianization, bike lanes and emission controls.

This year, the Museo del Prado is celebrating 200 years.

They have a lineup of activities and special exhibitions.

1. High Tatras, Slovakia

It is one of the beast places in Europe to spot wild brown bears.

Responsible tour agencies have made it easier for tourists.

Apart from the wildlife watching, there’s plenty things to keep travelers busy.

You can hike to the 2655 meter-high Gerlach which is also known as Gerlachovsky stit, the highest peak in the High Tatras.

Another option is boating on the glacial lake Strbske Pleso.


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