His wife got an injury from biking but she loved this recreational sport.

This was the reason Los Angeles-based inventor Rodger Parker came up with the NuBike.

“When my wife ended up with a knee problem likely caused from years of extensive riding, I knew there had to be a better way,” Parker said.

“It’s hard to believe, in the 150-year history of the bicycle, no one has addressed these problems. So, with that said, I accepted the challenge,” he added.

Cheddar Gadgets shows how Parker’s invention works.

NuBike is a chainless bike.

By eliminating the chain, this bike is able to go faster with less effort using the mechanical advantage of leverage and gravity.

It doesn’t have a chain so it runs more smoothly.

Parker explained that gravity and near vertical pedaling, combined with the rider’s weight, produces continuous force throughout the entire pedal stroke.

Compared to ordinary bikes, he noted there is less stress to the hips, knees and ankles using the NuBike.

His invention has another wonderful feature.

It only weighs 22 pounds or 10 kilos making it easy to carry around and store.


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