Can fingernails grow teeth?

Russia’s Nail Sunny salon says yes.

In The Know Creative showcases the best designs made by this salon that specializes in 3D nail art.

The salon has mastered 3D nail art that it can make objects appear to pop out from fingernails.

Would you want a sushi bar to pop out your fingernail? How about dinosaurs walking on grass?

The salon can even turn your fingernails into crystal balls, a bed of flowers.

It can also make buildings and towers appear to rise from your fingernails.

Because of their endless inventive and weird designs, this salon has become an internet sensation.

This nail salon is bringing the Internet's wackiest 3D nail art trends to life

This salon can make your nails look like real human teeth, sushi, and tons of other designs that will make people do a double take 💅😯

Posted by In The Know Creative on Sunday, 3 June 2018



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