Have you ever been to the Azores?

It is an autonomous region of Portugal in the mid-atlantic composed of nine volcanic islands and an islet cluster.

National Geographic Travel gives you a quick tour of thr archipelago and picks out five islands with the best places to visit.

1. Terceira

If you want to see works of art even in sidewalks, visit Angra do Heroismo. You will find intricate mosaics as you stroll around the historical capital of the archipelago that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Colonial City.

2. Pico

Experience the outdoor life by hiking to Ponta do Pico, the highest mountain in Portugal. There are certified guides in the island that will lead you to the best spot where you can stay for an overnight camping in the crater.

3. Sao Miguel

Nicknamed “The Green Island”, it is the largest and most populous of the Azores islands. It is best to wander in the Nordeste Region where you’ll find densely vegetated canyons that makes the island a giant botanical playground.

4. Sao Jorge

It’s the long thin island shaped like a knife in the Azores archipelago. Early Flemish settlers of the island were thought to have brought cheese making there.

5. Flores

It’s the wettest island in the archipelago making flowers grow abundantly, hence its Portuguese name Flores. But there is more see in this island! You will also find emerald green highlands and crater lakes in Flores.

Discover Portugal’s sun splashed Azores Islands.

Posted by National Geographic Travel on Sunday, February 17, 2019


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