So where do you go for giant candies?

Dessert Insider takes you to Big Top Candy Shop in Austin, Texas. For the past 10 years the circus-themed store has been serving a wide variety of candies to children of all ages.

“When people step into Big Top, it really is like peeling back the curtain of that sideshow tent and entering it for the first time,” describes Brandon Hodge, the founder of Big Top.

The old-fashioned soda shop has over 3,000 kinds of wrapped candies – and a lot of huge candies.

“They have a bunch of candies that were tempting me, stuff I have not seen since I was a kid,” says one customer.

It also has features you won’t find in ordinary candy stores.

“Not only do we have the circus and sideshow theme but we’re very large. We’re easily twice or three times the size of most candy shops. So it enables us to have an incredible selection,” Hodge explains.

“Over 400 bulk varieties alone, thousands of packaged items and we have our classic, turn-of-the-century soda fountain.”

The soda fountain offers different flavors of soda. You can also order milkshakes and ice cream cones. They also have a popcorn machine.

“Hearing people laugh and seeing people smile,” Hodge said, “is pretty much what brings me back to work every day.”

Shop Sells Giant Candy and Old-Fashioned Soda

This old-fashioned soda shop sells GIANT candy.

Posted by DESSERT INSIDER on Monday, 14 May 2018



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