Here comes the rain, bring out the umbrellas.

If you are a bicycle rider caught in the rain, would you refuse to use a hands-free umbrella?

In The Know Gadgets has found the perfect umbrella for you.

The bike umbrella will keep you dry when you are pedaling in the rain. It is so simple to use and can be attached in seconds on every bike. Your head goes into the umbrella’s hood giving you full vision while you ride.

It is very lightweight and when you are done using it, just fold it up and store it in its own sleeve.

Unlike in other countries, the Philippines does not have that many bicycle riders on the road everyday. What we do have are motorcycle riders who stop to take cover when it rains.

The bike umbrella will surely be a big hit among motorcycle riders here!

Umbrella bike lets your ride in the rain

This giant umbrella protects you and your bike from getting wet when it rains ☂️🚲

Posted by In The Know Gadgets on Thursday, May 31, 2018



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