If you want to live the super yacht lifestyle but hate riding boats, then this is for you.

In The Know Innovation introduces the eleMMent PALAZZO.

Made by Austria-based Marchi Mobile, this recreational vehicle (RV) is fully automatic with touch screen control panels and has a mobile control unit with remote video streaming functionality.

It also has a kitchen, a master bedroom, a bathroom with rainfall shower and a couch that can be converted into a bar.

The eleMMent PALAZZO also has two floors with a liftable flybridge lounge up top. The sky lounge can be a rooftop nightclub complete with canopy, audio system and bar.

As an RV, the eleMMent PALAZZZO is described as a luxury mansion on wheels because not everyone can afford it.

This RV costs $3M or P160M.

Who would be willing to spend that much in the Philippines for a recreational vehicle?



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