Is it possible to drive as fast as 350 kilometers per hour without having to focus on the road?

According to Now This Future, this is possible with a magnetic levitation (maglev) track envisioned by the Arrivo Corporation.

Arrivo has designed the maglev track to accommodate sleds which can carry both cars and cargo.

With cars on the maglev track, drivers do not have to worry about the road as they zip through the track.

A 50-kilometer trip on the maglev track will get passengers to their destination in just 9 minutes as compared to usual commute of at least 55 minutes.

Arrivo intends to test the concept with a maglev track that will connect Aurora, Colorado with Denver International Airport. Construction of the track starts in 2019 and will take at least two years to finish.

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Imagine cutting an hour-long commute to just 9 minutes

Posted by NowThis Future on Wednesday, 15 November 2017



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