A church on an island seated at the middle of an emerald lake.

This is the Church of the Assumption in Slovenia.

National Geographic Travel takes you to Lake Bled, located 35 miles northwest of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

The Baroque-style church dates from the 17th century and honors the birth of Mary.

To get to the island, one boards a Pletna boat, a traditional wooden boat handmade by locals. The boat is made using wood sourced from nearby forests.

Each boat is operated by a descendant of original Pletna drivers with this occupation traditionally passed down to male members of the family.

On reaching the island, visitors climb 99 steps to get to the church.

Once there, don’t forget to ring the wishing bell and make your wish.

A trip to this church is nothing short of a spiritual journey.

National Geographic Travel describes it as a slice of heaven on Earth.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

See this emerald-green lake of Slovenia, with a picture-perfect church and medieval castle clinging to its rocky cliffs—like a slice of heaven on Earth https://on.natgeo.com/2xZcKy7

Posted by National Geographic Travel on Tuesday, 25 September 2018



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