Only 1 in 800 seals is born blonde.

National Geographic Travel encounters one blonde Antarctic fur seal pup in South Georgia, which is home to 95 percent of the Antarctic fur seal population.

His mother went hunting at sea leaving him in the river on his own.

The river is no place for a seal pup.

He encounters a group of aggressive adult males and dodges the danger.

Sometimes seal pups have to wait for over a week until their mothers return.

Once she’s back, the pup easily recognizes her call.

The mother, on the other hand, easily identifies the pup’s cry and scent.

They are reunited and the pup gets to feed from his mom.

Seal pups will nurse from their mothers until they are four months old.

The highly fatty milk sustains them when their mothers are on hunting trips.

Leaving pups alone is also a training on survival.

After four months, pups will have to fend for themselves to survive the wild.

Wild Life: A Day in the Life of a Fur Seal Pup

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Posted by National Geographic Travel on Saturday, November 3, 2018



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