See the whole world in just four months.

MSC’s World Cruise makes it possible for you.

In The Know Presents takes you on board The Magnifica, the ship that brings you to 49 destinations in 32 countries in 119 days.

Among your destinations are Rome’s Colosseum and Venice’s Grand Canal in Italy, Taj Mahal in India and Santorini in Greece.

You also get to wander in San Francisco and Hawaii, USA; Sydney, Australia; Maldives, Sri Lanka, Omar, UAE and Jordan.

While at sea, you won’t get board because the MSC Magnifica has endless recreation. There’s the pool, the tennis and basketball courts for the sports-minded.
A wellness center offers saunas, bath, massage and a beauty parlor. You shouldn’t also miss the internet café, bar, cinema, casino and disco.

To make your tummy happy, there are five restaurants to choose from.

A ticket goes for $16,999 or P915,000.

It’s a lot but would you miss the chance to sail around the world and fulfill a lifelong dream?

This cruise takes you around the world

In just four months, you could see the whole world 🚢 /🌎

Posted by In The Know Presents on Tuesday, 12 June 2018



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