People in the Himalayas now have access to fresh water. Thanks to Sonam Wangchuk who made an artificial glacier he calls an “ice stupa.”

“The ice stupa artificial glacier is about freezing the water that goes unused in winter into cones of ice,” Wangchuk explains to In The Know Innovation. “Because of its geometric shape, it doesn’t melt until late spring, May-June.”

A pipeline collects water from glacier streams. Pressure builds on the pipes shooting water out and freezing it into ice cubes.

An ‘ice stupa’ stores water to help farmers overcome water shortages. It acts like a mini-glacier slowly releasing water during the growing season.

Twenty more ice stupas will be built from a grant Wangchuk had received from Rolex. This will supply 10 million liters of water in the Himalayas.

Now this is just creative, and practical.


Artificial glacier provides fresh water to villagers

Engineers created an artificial glacier that provides fresh water.

Posted by In The Know Innovation on Tuesday, 1 May 2018



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