His name may not be that familiar but if you get to know his story, you will remember him for a long time.

Meet Jason McElwain.

McElwain suffers from autism. He was not able to speak his first words until the age of 5.

He had never played basketball before, let alone varsity, but that didn’t stop him from authoring a powerful moment in sports history.

It happened on February 15, 2006 in Rochester, New York. The Greece Athena Varsity team had a sizeable lead with about four minutes to play. Coach Jim Johnson made a decision to put McElwain in the game.

After missing two three-point attempts, McElwain hit six three-pointers to finish the game with 20 points.

“I just caught fire. I was hot as a pistol,” McElwain tells Gotta Love Sports.

His video went viral and the world began to take notice of what McElwain had just accomplished.

President George W. Bush visited McElwain and spoke about the inspiring story that was unfolding right in front of the country’s eyes.

“Our country was captivated by your amazing story on the basketball court,” Former President George W. Bush told McElwain. “It’s a story of a young man who found his touch on the basketball court, which in turn, touches the hearts of citizens all across the country.”

Even Magic Johnson was in awe of McElwain, insisting he wouldn’t have been able to do what the teen did.

McElwain continued to be an inspiration.

In 2016, the Rochester Razorsharks signed him to a one-day contract finishing the game 10 points, hitting two threes in the process.

In 2014, he qualified and finished the Boston Marathon.

“Emotions were firing. It was a dream come true. It was unbelievable that I accomplished a Boston Marathon. Not a lot of people can say that,” he said.

Jason McElwain's Special Moment

Jason McElwain is known for his incredible sports moment from 2006.But that was just the first chapter of his amazing story.

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