From afar, it looks like a giant spider’s web.

But if you take a closer look, people and not giant spiders are walking on the lines.

National Geographic Travel brings you to Moab, Utah where daring slackliners (tightrope walkers) and base jumpers take on epic feats over a spectacular canyon.

“There’s so many different sports coming together and this place is conducive to doing them all in one area,” explains Miles Daisher of Red Bull Air Force. “You can’t just throw all these sports together in your backyard. It takes a lot of vision to find a place like this.”

They call the web-like installation the Fruit Bowl. At the center of it is the Space Net, a platform of parachute cord, rope and webbing strung together.

To get to the center, one needs to highline or walk the tightrope, rest a bit on the Space Net and then base jump from some 400 feet above the ground.

Extreme sports enthusiasts flock to this area in Utah during highlining and the base jumping festival. And the group keeps growing.

“It’s all about finding what’s possible to do with sports that exist, to create new sports on a higher level,” Daisher said.

Moab, Utah

See sweeping views of Moab, Utah as these daring slackliners and base jumpers take on epic feats over a spectacular canyon.

Posted by National Geographic Travel on Thursday, October 25, 2018



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