Size 22 Instagram bikini model Julianna Mazzaei, alias Jewelz, is changing the way plus size women look at themselves.

“I’ve got 99 problems but my fat ain’t one,” she tells Shake My Beauty.

Jewelz, 25, a body positive activist is telling plus size girls to own their curves and to reclaim word fat as positive.

How can this be done? By body positivity!

“Being body positive has changed my life in a dozen ways,” she says. “I can go outside and hang out with friends and it doesn’t take me four hours to get ready. I can go to a party and wear what somebody else is wearing. I can wear a bathing suit and I can eat in public and I can be happy and that’s probably the biggest one.”

Jewelz admitted being bullied as a child. She hated school. Other kids called her fatty, tub or lard and whale.

“My whole life, people told me I couldn’t wear patterns such as stripes or polka dots. When you’re bigger, you can’t wear those things,” she recalls. “Being thin is not gonna make me happy and that’s really what I realized.”

She later got into modelling through the help of a photographer-friend. The body positivity shoot made her realize that being a plus size model is a great way to inspire women.

“I get comments like: ‘you’ve changed my life and I can go outside wearing things because of you. I know I can exist in the world,’” she shares.

Jewelz has this motivation for her photos – remind women that they can feel beautiful and that people don’t always need to see one standard size of model.

“I think reclaiming the word fat and using it in a positive sense is super important. It’s been used a bullying tactic. It’s about time we take it back and realize that is not a bad word, it’s not bad thing, and it shouldn’t be associated in a negative way,” she concludes.

This Plus Size Model Is OWNING Her Curves

This plus size model Is OWNING her curves 👏

Posted by Shake My Beauty on Thursday, 29 November 2018



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