Sometimes, you will have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.

Ben Silbermann, co-founder and CEO of Pinterest, learned this in his journey into making one of the most trending apps in the world.

As a child, Silbermann had an interest in technology. He found work at Google as an ad designer bringing in innovative ideas to the company. But these were repeatedly turned down because he lacked the engineering background.

Realizing he needed to work on his own to create something revolutionary, he left Google and teamed up with friends to start a new app.

They came up with Tote but it resulted in a drastic failure when it didn’t get much attention in the market.

He didn’t give up and continued to do research.

One day, he noticed that people are interested in design but did not have the means to share it.

“People have awesome taste in books or design,” Silbermann tells Born Realist. “But there was no way to share that.”

So he began working on an app where people can express their interests and share them.

He named the app “Pinterest” which has now thousands of users.



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