Do you want to know where the craziest hair color trends in the internet are coming from?

In The Know Creative has traced it to a hair salon called the Blondies of Melbourne. It specializes in unconventional hair dye designs that have never failed to amaze.

The salon is the birthplace of viral hair trends like the hidden rainbow roots, confetti hair, green grids, or rainbow panels.

Aussie artists demonstrate how one of their original creations is done – the plaid hair.

To achieve this look, they first bleach a layer of hair then separate the strands with masking tape. The hair is then dyed horizontally. A top layer of hair is colored in vertical lines to complete the plaid look.

So how would you want your hair dyed?

Aussie hair salon is the birthplace of some of the internet's most viral hair trends

From plaid hair to confetti locks, this salon has the internet's craziest hair dye designs 😍

Posted by In The Know Creative on Saturday, June 2, 2018



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