Milan, Italy is fighting air pollution through architectural design.

According to We Can Save The World, air pollution is the biggest environmental risk the world faces today. In fact, pollution is globally linked to 3 million deaths every year.

To fight the city’s pollution, Architect Stefano Boeri designed Bosco Verticale. It has two towers with trees scattered throughout the buildings.

Every year, the structure transforms 44,000 pounds of carbon dioxide to create energy and oxygen.

Moreover, the large variety of trees and plants encourage biodiversity. This vertical forest gets colonized by birds and insects and serves as new home to animals who lost their habitats because of urbanization.

The trees naturally filter dust particles reducing smog in the city. They also reduce noise pollution because the trees muffle the sounds of the busy city streets.

The Bosco Verticale buildings have over 100 apartments with over 25,000 plants spread throughout the towers. This is equivalent to about 20,000 square meters of forest on land.

It makes Bosco Verticale a structure with a massive, pollution-fighting forest in the middle of Milan.

This may well be the solution not just for fighting air pollution but also for housing shortages and climate change.

Vertical Forests

These skyscrapers provide a home for people and plants while healing air pollution!

Posted by We Can Save The World on Wednesday, 13 June 2018



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