How does your city manage flooding?

Boston is showing just how it should be done with a 67-acre waterfront park.

Boston’s waterfront park according to the World Economic Forum, is designed to be flooded without being damaged. It captures, stores and uses floodwater to reduce the harm it can cause to city.

When it is the dry season, the park provides green space for people to enjoy and for wildlife to have habitat and breeding ground.

Boston initially wanted to erect a 6-km sea wall that would cost $12 billion to build. The plan was shelved after scientists warned that the wall will not be able to give long-term protection.

The Philippines is prone to flooding and it has become a perennial problem when it rains. Maybe it’s about time the country takes cue from Boston and its waterfront park. Don’t you think so?

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Posted by Video – World Economic Forum on Saturday, February 9, 2019


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