Willem Dieleman travels the world with a frying pan.

This globetrotting Dutchman makes pancakes for locals in the places he visits.

“It’s great that something as small as a pancake can bring you so much,” Dieleman tells BrightVibes.

In Vietnam, he made a hundred pancakes for children and war veterans in Hanoi’s Friendship Village. To do that, he had to give his Vietnamese friends a tutorial on how to make pancakes.

“The funny thing about a pancake is that it’s ridiculously easy, it only has four ingredients,” Dieleman says. “Easy to make, very cheap. It doesn’t save lives, but you’re doing something.”

It’s his way of bringing people together and giving them something that reminds him of home.

He even wrote a book about all these.

He called it his Pancake Adventures. The book contains stories about his special encounters brought about by simply sharing a pancake.

In case you don’t get to meet Dieleman and encounter him in his travels, reading the book would be a good way to be part of his unique adventure.

“It’s not about what you give, it’s about the interaction it creates,” he emphasized.

Dutchman Willem travels the world with his frying pan. He bakes pancakes as a way to unite people Pancake Adventures

Posted by BrightVibes on Friday, 14 December 2018



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