Cement makes up 7 percent of man-made greenhouse gas emissions in the world.

“Concrete is the most abundant man-made material on Earth, second only to drinking water, and due to its sheer popularity and use around the globe,” Robert Niven, CEO and founder of Carboncure Technologies, tells Our Planet.

But there is now a cement that keeps carbon dioxide from polluting the planet.

It is called CarbonCure. it uses the same materials and process used in the making of typical cement. But it only differs in one step. Instead of releasing carbon dioxide in the cement manufacturing process, it captures carbon dioxide (CO2) and injects it back into the cement.

“In the CarbonCure process, that CO2 is permanently turned back into a limestone-like mineral that’s embedded into the concrete. There’s no chance that CO2 will be released back into the atmosphere even if the building is disturbed or demolished,” explains Niven.

“For 100 years or more or less, that CO2 will be bound in the concrete itself, making it a more sustainable and more durable product than it normally would be,” he adds.

Producing cement currently emits 4 billion pounds of CO2 a year.

With CarbonCure, CO2 emission is reduced between 500 to 700 million tons every single year.

At present, Niven said 100 companies are already using CarbonCure. He enoucrages large commercial developers and homeowners to shift to this green and sustainable technology.

Sustainable Concrete

This concrete is actually strengthened by our pollution.

Posted by Our Planet on Saturday, 4 August 2018



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