From afar, you would think it’s a garden with various flowers in bloom. But look closer, and you’d be surprised to find out that what you are seeing are actually thousands of bicycles impounded in one giant lot.

The World Economic Forum takes you to China where you’ll find this bike graveyard.

It’s the result of bike sharing that’s popular there. With the use of mobile phones, Residents of China are able to unlock bikes for hire.

But bike-for-hike companies don’t have docks so riders go wherever they want and leave the bike anywhere they like.

China has around 30 bike-sharing companies and more than 10 million bikes on the streets.

Because of this huge number, bikes have obstructed pavements and created congestion.

Authorities just had to take action. They began impounding bikes. They have also imposed a ban on companies from releasing new bikes.

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Posted by Video – World Economic Forum on Saturday, February 2, 2019


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