Marbling is a way of creating marble-like patterns on paper by making ink float on water. Even if they come in patterns, no two designs are exactly the same.

Do you want to see how it is made?

Tech Insider shares a 1970s footage filmed at the Cockerell and Son paper marbling company.

William Champman, the firm’s marbler, showed how different methods are used to create patterns used as decorative book covers.

The liquid bath used was made from seaweed to keep the paint drops from mixing.

To drop beads of watercolor into the bath, combs or rakes were used. The marbler also painted directly onto the water surface.

To make decorative patterns, Chapman used a clean comb to tug the beads across the bath.

To transfer the pattern, a blank piece of paper was laid across the surface. The colors shined through once the excess seaweed fluid washed off.

Cockerell and Son was said to be the best known in the last century for their marbled paper because of their unique patterns.

The studio continued to produce this kind of paper until it closed in 2012.


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