A guy in New York City has taken his bicycle to a different level.

“I bought it originally to commute into the city from Penn Station to my office,” Tom Lutz tells Bicycling Magazine.

Lutz works at Google bringing his bike with him.

In one of his trips to the office, he realized the train was taking too long so he began to look for another route.

He thought of the Hudson River and decided to take a boat across it!

He built a boat with the help of his son.

Like his bike, the boat also folds up. He attaches it to his bike when on land. When he gets to the water, he folds his bike at unfolds his boat. The bike perfectly fits in the boat as he rows across the river.

“It’s peaceful being out in the water by myself early in the morning,” he says. “The changes in the water provides a unique commute every day.”

Lutz is not the only one using bike to go around New York.

The one he uses, the Brompton bike, is a cult classic for commuters.

It’s ideal for city dwellers with small apartments because it folds down in seconds to fit just about anywhere.

The unique reputation of this bike is celebrated every year with the Brompton World Championship series

It hosts qualifying races in 15 countries.

People come to watch it because it’s one of a kind.

Racers follow a strict dress of suit jacket and pants.

The race starts with riders unfolding their bikes.

For the final race, qualifiers go to London where the Brompton headquarter is located.


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